Planning and Implementation Peromances

【 February 】

■Organized concert "Sound of Chushun" at Itabashi Marie Konzert.
・"Tsubaki" Woodwind Quintet & Shakuhachi
・"Lion and Peony" Japanese drum and koden shakuhachi duo
・"Japanese Instrumental -sound of the millennium- 2022"

【 April 】

■Organized salon concert "First day of summer" at Kioicho Salon Hall.

【 February 】

■Organized concert tour "Japanese Instrumental Koden Session 2021".
・at tenjin9 in Okayama City
・at Nebuta Museum WA RASSE in Aomori City
・at Hacchi in Hachinohe City
・at Shimizuya Ryokan in Nambu Town

■Organized concert "Japanese Instrumental -sound of the millennium- 2021" at Kyoto citizen Hall ALTI.
*Agency for Cultural Affairs Continuing Support for Cultural and Artistic Activities.

【 October 】

■Organized concert "Japanese Instrumental Koden Session 2020" at Sunlife Garden in Totsuka city.

【 June 】

Established General Corporation Juridical Person gem.