Corporation Profile

    Gem, while valuing, transmitting and disseminating tradition and heritage with Koden Shakuhachi as the basis, based on the principles of immutability and openness to change, interacts with domestic and
foreign music-related parties, contributes to the promotion of culture, art, education and academic research, regional/community development, healthy upbringing of children and vitalization of economic activities, while at the same time, striving to realize a sustainable global society in which no one will be left behind.
General Corporation Juridical Person gem
Name General Corporation Juridical Person gem
Cooperation Gem is operated with artist management support from General Corporation Juridical Person TOCOL
Activities Gem is engaged in the following activities.

[1]Activities relating to the research, performance, publication, experiencing, dissemination, etc. of and concerning Shakuhachi music.
[2]Activities relating to nurturing human resources and interacting and cooperating with domestic and foreign organizations for the dissemination and advancement of Shakuhachi music.
[3]Activities relating to the succession, preservation, information provision, etc. of Shakuhachi music.
[4]Activities contributing to the promotion of Japanese traditional art forms and development of the culture of traditional Japanese music.
[5]Activities promoting international exchange of traditional art forms and traditional culture, and contributing to their development.
[6]Activities striving for the promotion of culture, art, education and academic research.
[7]Activities striving for the promotion of building continuously habitable communities.
[8]Activities striving for healthy upbringing of children.
[9]Activities striving for the promotion of worthwhile and rewarding jobs.
[10]Activities striving for the promotion of good health.
[11]Activities striving for the correction of inequality and disparities.
[12]Activities striving for the vitalization of economic activities.
[13]Activities striving for the development of informatized societies.
[14]Activities striving for the promotion of tourism.
[15]Disaster relief activities, rescue and recovery activities for disaster affected areas.
[16]Support activities for depopulated areas.
[17]Support activities for impoverished areas.
[18]Other activities determined to be necessary in order to achieve the goals of this juridical person.
Director Mamino Yorita, Representative Director
Founded August 2010
Established June 2019
Office Kyoto City
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