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“Carrying Traditions into the Future” will be broadcast on August 30th (KBS Kyoto)

Updated on Aug 24, 2018
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“Carrying Traditions into the Future” (produced by DHC Television) in which Mamino Yorita appears will be broadcast on KBS Kyoto from 8:30 AM on August 30th.
The secret piece “Koden Sugomori” is performed in the program.
The program conveys the charms of shakuhachi, such as “what are the tone colors of shakuhachi?” and “what are the features of shakuhachi?” By all means, please watch it.

DHC Television: https://dhctv.jp/

Dance and Japanese Music Appreciation Concert with rising stars and top billed performers

Updated on May 1, 2018
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One can enjoy Japanese dance and Japanese instruments together.
We look forward to your attendance.
For inquiries about tickets, please contact the National Bunraku Theatre, Osaka.

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Performance starts at 1 PM (performance expected to end at 3:50 PM)
  *The hall will open 30 minutes before the performance begins.
Ticket price: 4,300 yen general admission, 3,000 yen student
Venue: National Bunraku Theatre, Osaka
Program and principal performers

Jikabuki, Manzai by Ousensui Yamamura

Satsuma Biwa, Saigo Takamori by Kanako Kitahara

Shakuhachi, Koden Sugomori by Mamino Yorita

Tokiwazu Dance, Kagura Musume by Ginsai Wakayagi
Jiuta and Sou Kyoku, Yaegoromo by Kayoko Yokoyama (Sangen) and Ichiro Takabatake (Sou)

Nagauta Dance, Oharame by Masahide Fujima

Jikata: Tosei Kineya, Kineya Katsuroku Renjuu, Tokiwazu Harukodayuu, Tokiwazu Kokinya Renjuu, Kikuhara Koji Shachuu
Hayashi: Mochizuki Tamezo Shachuu